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This Super Useful AI Tool Will Blow Your Mind 🤯

Say Bye Bye To Misinformation...

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  • An AI tool that solves the problem of misinformation (you’ll love it👀)

  • Everything important that happened in 24 hours

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What If There Was an AI That Stated Facts???

Just to be clear, this tool is not sponsored 🥲 (we wish).

Okay, so what’s the tool about? What does it do?

Here it begins:

We've all been there, seeing fake news, misinformation, and lies spreading online.

Even ChatGPT or Claude hallucinates sometimes and gives a senseless answer that is factually incorrect.

It's frustrating, but what if there was an AI assistant that only stated verified facts?

Well, there is and it is called True AI.

True AI: An AI Tool to Get Correct, Contextual answers with Sources.

This AI tool instantly checks claims against trusted sources.

Using True AI is easy and FREE.

Just visit their website or message them on WhatsApp, then ask your question. The AI will research and only respond with factual information backed by evidence.

For example, we asked “Is Elon Musk winning this years’s 2024 Presidential Elections against Joe Biden?”

Here’s what True AI replied and even quoted many sources to answer the question:

True AI is free so anyone can access verified information.

But it goes beyond just fact-checking by hiding abuse, spam, and hate too.

It's an all-in-one tool for safer, smarter internet use, which we recommend using if you’re a Journalist or someone who just loves FACTS.

Some features that we liked are the Pick a Date feature and the Sources & Tools feature.

Date Feature 👇

We all know how quickly information can become outdated online.

But True AI’s Pick a Date solves it.

Let's say you're researching a past event like an election or major news story.

Just set the date parameters, and True AI will ONLY use sources and information from that timeframe when fact-checking.

Sources & Tools 👇

There are some times when you don’t agree with an answer and want more data.

Or you have a source yourself and want True AI to only fetch data from that source to answer your query.

Or you might want to get your answers from PubMed, Reddit, and other trusted sources (though Reddit is not trusted anymore).

You can click the Source & Tools button above the chat, and pick one from either Sources or Tools.

From Tools you can get pick the Default Sources.

And from the Source tab you can include your own source URL you want True AI to fetch.

Oh, and did we mention that True Ai’s AVI bot is accessible from WhatsApp, too?

And that’s all about it. Do let us know if you liked True AI in the comments.

What Happened In These 24 Hours

Bye Bye!!

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